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Eyelid Reconstruction After the Removal of Skin Cancer

Doctor Consultation

When you think about skin cancer, the eyelids probably don’t come to mind. But, believe it or not, 5%-10% of all skin cancers are on the eyelids. So, if you notice something growing on one of your eyelids that doesn’t go away, or it crusts or bleeds, it’s important to see a doctor right away.

When caught early, eyelid skin cancer is highly treatable and not life-threatening.

Ophthalmic plastic surgeon Rand Rodgers has offices in New York City, Great Neck, and New Rochelle, New York. He’s highly skilled in removing eyelid cancer and reconstructing the eyelid so it functions normally and you look your best. 

Eyelid skin cancer treatment

When you come in to see Dr. Rodgers, he takes your health history, examines your eye, and performs a biopsy. The biopsy results show whether you have eyelid skin cancer and the type of cancer it is. 

Once a diagnosis is made, he develops your treatment plan. Most likely this includes surgery to remove the cancer, followed by reconstructive surgery. Some patients may be referred to an oncologist if the cancer has spread.

Eyelid skin cancer removal

There are different surgical techniques to remove eyelid skin cancer. It all depends on the size of the tumor, the location, and the severity. Usually, the cancer and some surrounding tissue are removed to make sure all the cancer cells are gone. 

After any eye surgery, you may not look or feel like yourself for a while. You may have a black eye, swelling, or dry eyes. You also look different because skin has been removed from your eyelid. 

Please know these things improve over time, but discuss your concerns with Dr. Rodgers and our caring team.

What is eyelid reconstruction?

You may need reconstructive surgery after the skin cancer is removed to improve the look and function of your eyelid. 

There are different techniques for this type of surgery too. For example, Dr. Rodgers may use a skin graft or a flap of skin. It depends on how much tissue is removed during the prior surgery. 

Eyelid reconstruction is a complex procedure because eyelids are made of nerves, skin, and blood vessels. Deep knowledge and a thorough understanding of anatomy are necessary to get the best results.

Complications can arise with this type of surgery, but it doesn’t mean you’ll have problems. Everyone’s situation is unique. Complications include infections, scarring, and rejection of the skin graft.

Is eyelid surgery dangerous?

Any type of surgery comes with risks. That’s why it’s important to be honest about your health history and see an experienced and trusted surgeon. Dr. Rodgers answers your questions honestly and helps you feel at ease about undergoing surgery.

If you have eyelid skin cancer, it’s important to find a skilled ophthalmic surgeon who can remove the cancer and reconstruct your eyelid. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Rodgers by calling one of our three convenient New York locations today. 

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